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Engage Live - Kickstarter!

This year I went to SWPP, which is a huge convention for wedding and portrait photographers all over the world. It's a fantastic geek fest for all creatives in photography to learn, meet and share...plus there's a huge trade show which is where I have to talk myself out of falling in love with another new lens that I simply can't live without.  It takes immense discipline!  Last year I failed miserably, this year I was more prepared in my approach to the trade show and managed to walk away with just a few goodies which I still, have yet to work out how to use...


Whilst at SWPP, I had the great pleasure of meeting the brilliant wedding photographer, Donal Doherty and chatting about his new exciting venture for all creative entreprenuers world wide.  It's called Engage Live, which is a free online education site for all aspiring photographers out there!  Whether they are already in business and want to continue to learn and grow or looking to embark on a new career path in photography, the online resources are invaluable.  I'm a huge fan of helping and empowering others to follow their passion because this is how I built my own business, through online resources which educated and inspired me.  


It's a huge challenge to put together something so extensive but Donal is determined to add value to the creative industry.  It's about paying back to the photographic community, which is why Donal and other photographers, including myself are running live online workshops for Engage Live.  I will be running my own Child Portraiture Workshop, encouraging and motivating photographers looking to start their own Child Portraiture business.  There are many courses available and currently being put together which will offer extensive advice and training, it's crazy not to want to be a part of it!  What's even better is Donal has created a Kickstarter Campaign where the public can support this venture which for me is a first and so exciting to be part of it.


If you guys want to be part of this huge new venture, be it to learn, be motivated or to support it then click on the link and take a look at Engage Live and the fantastic Kickstarter Campaign.


It's all about sharing so come and grab a piece for yourself!! X


Lots of love guys...! X





How it all began


Four years ago I decided to set up my own photography business.  I come from a family of creatives...artists, photographers, illustrators and writers so it didn't come as a surprise to my family when I made the decision.  I had been a freelance abstract artist for a number of years before this so it seemed a natural transition.  

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