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How it all began


Four years ago I decided to set up my own photography business.  I come from a family of creatives...artists, photographers, illustrators and writers so it didn't come as a surprise to my family when I made the decision.  I had been a freelance abstract artist for a number of years before this so it seemed a natural transition.  



My art was very abstract, I was self taught and so I followed my own path on how I painted, the composition and the textures.  This migrated into my photography too, I didn't conform to the general rules of photography composition, I photographed what worked and felt right to me and again as with my art, I taught myself from years of practise.  For me it wasn't how the image was positioned or composed it was about how it translated to others and the feelings the images evoked.  


I loved painting, it was a fantastic way to express yourself.  The knowledge that people loved my work enough to commission paintings was incredible but there was something missing for me.  I would spend days and weeks painting, creating a single piece for a client and whilst I found it satisfying doing something I loved I still felt something was missing.  I realised it was quite solitary and being the person I am I found it quite isolating not having the buzz of social interaction while I worked, not being outside mixing with people everyday.  Yet with photography I found myself interacting more and more and falling very much in love with it because it combined all the positive elements that I loved doing so much. 


So..4 years on and I have been fortunate enough to photograph somewhere in the region of 700 children.  I have muddied more pairs of jeans than I can count, ripped numerous t-shirts on hawthorns and jagged branches and thankfully only broken one lens....but in doing all of this I've had the most amazing times with hundreds of fun, happy, fascinating children.  

Dotted through this first post are my very first portraits from 4 years ago which I've had great fun looking back on....  I know that I've evolved a lot over these 4 years and come a long way from my first professional portraits but it would be interesting to know what you guys think!


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